Release notes for xyzpy.

v1.3.0 (unreleased)#


Bug fixes:

  • fix saving of complex datasets withs engine=’netcdf’ (GH 15)

v1.2.1 (12th August 2021)#

Bug fixes:

  • fix a few bugs related to crops and batchsizes

v1.2.0 (12th August 2021)#


  • unified interface for mixing both cases and combos

  • add random shuffling of growing order to load balance on batch systems etc

  • add expand_dims() and drop_sel()

v1.1.0 (25th July 2021)#


  • Defer Crop.reap clean up until after dataset sync (useful if you forget to set overwrite=True)

  • Capture and print Crop.grow_cluster output

  • add visualize_matrix tool

  • add cimple colormap generator

  • allow @xyz.label decorator to specify harvester=

  • spruce docs

Bug fixes:

  • Fix sowing, reaping and merging multiple sets of cases (GH 13)

  • Fix incomplete crop reaping when there is a non-zero batch remainder size

  • Fix for futures that raise attribute errors themselves

v1.0.0 (24th October 2020)#

Breaking changes

  • Remove all the data processing functionality which can now pretty much all be found in xarray. This also removes the numba, scipy and cytoolz dependencies completely.


  • Generalize (and deprecate) xyzpy.Crop.qsub_grow() to xyzpy.Crop.grow_cluster() (PR 10)

  • Add SLURM support to xyzpy.Crop.grow_cluster() (PR 10)

  • Add PBS support to xyzpy.Crop.grow_cluster()

  • Fix PBS crop submission for job arrays of size 1

  • Add xyzpy.save_merge_ds() for manually aggregating datasets to disk

  • Add allow_incomplete=True option to xyzpy.Crop.reap() for gathering data even if the crop is not fully grown (GH 7)

  • Make new Crop instances by default automatically load information from disk if they have been already prepared/sown (GH 7)

  • Automatically load Crops in the current (or specified) directory with xyzpy.load_crops().

  • Add ‘joblib’ and ‘zarr’ as possible engines for saving and loading datasets

  • Add utility xyzpy.getsizeof() to quite accurately get a python objects size

  • Keep a running track of covariance using RunningCovariance.

v0.3.1 (25th January 2019)#

Bug fixes:

  • Make sure license is included in sdist/wheel distributions (PR 6)

v0.3.0 (21st January 2019)#

Breaking changes

  • Changed plot option markersize -> marker_size to match other keywords.


  • New Sampler object - sparsely sample combos into a pandas.DataFrame

  • Decorate functions directly into Runner instances using label()

v0.2.5 (3rd December 2018)#

Breaking changes

  • (GH 5) combo_runner key argument pool renamed to executor


  • (GH 5) Support multiprocessing.pool in combo_runner

  • Document timing and estimation utilities

  • Use loky as the default parallel executor

  • plotting: add xjitter and yjitter

Bug fixes:

  • make sure Crop._batch_remainder synced with disk.

  • update pytest marking parametrizations to xfail for recent pytest

  • compatibility updates for dask and numba

  • fix farming example which wasn’t appearing

v0.2.4 (1st November 2018)#

Bug fixes:

  • Various campatibility fixes for plotting functionality

v0.2.3 (4th October 2018)#


Bug fixes:

  • various fixes to batch growing and Crop

  • various fixes to plotting

v0.2.2 (7th June 2018)#


  • allow case_runner to return Dataset

Bug fixes:

  • (GH 1) make numba an optional dependency

v0.2.1 (27th May 2018)#

Bug fixes:

  • docs updates

  • distribute crop bathes more evenly